Prefinished Hardwood Moldings and Transitions
The Artistic Difference  

Just as you would not hang a picture without a frame, a customer should not have prefinished hardwood flooring installed without coordinating moldings, transitions and accessoried. Because Artistic manufactures a broad range of molding profiles (shapes) and sizes in the largest selection of hardwood species available from any manufacturer. No matter how challenging the transition may be, we can provide the right molding to beautifully finish the floor.

When you consider the margin potential of a premium prefinished hardwood molding and accessories program, you’ll immediately understand the value in promoting these premium accessories to all your hardwood customers.

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Quality QUALITY An Unwavering Commitment.
Each product we manufacture goes through a painstaking process of quality control to ensure its beauty and durability. We go above and beyond to obtain the range of species needed to coordinate with the flooring manufacturers’ finishes, including maintaining a physical library of thousands of floor samples. We then use our proprietary advanced techniques to create the special finishes and coating durability to create the best premium flooring accessories on the market.
Technology TECHNOLOGY High Tech Coating and Curing.
Artistic Finishes leads the flooring industry with new product and service innovations. Our moldings, transitions and stair treads were the first to offer UV-cured urethane, and first again with a top coat finish of aluminum-oxide. Our stair components are roll-coated, using the same process as most prefinished hardwood floors.
Not only do our finishes provide superior scratch resistance and surface hardness, our technological innocations include environmentally safe sealers and coatings representing a significant advancement in environmental stewardship.  We also adhere to the Lacey Act, which assures you all of our hardwood species are from reputable sources worldwide.
Guarantee LIFETIME WARRANTY An Industry First.
Our premium hardwood species, innovative manufacturing processes and culture of continuous improvement give us the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty on all our moldings, stair treads and risers and vents to all end-use customers, an industry first.  Having Artistic standing behind your gives you the confidence in recommending our products to even your mode demanding customers.
Sanding PREPARATION - Profile Sanding.
We process all transitions through our automated profile sanding equipment to remove milling imperfections before any finish is added. This results in a higher quality, more durable and beautiful transition. It is one of the most important steps of the finishing process and is part of every piece we make.
Premium Woods PREMIUM WOODS - Hand Sorting and Species Variety.
Before any work begins, each piece of wood is hand selected for quality, rich natural grain and color. Because we choose only premium grades of wood,you can see the difference and get the highest value possible. We work hard to source wood from across the globe to meet the increasing demand for exotic hardwood species. And we never source our wood from, back-alley merchants who cannot prove the harvest of the species.
Craftsmanship CRAFTSMANSHIP - Precision Milling.
Using extensive information provided to us by professional installers, our transitions have been engineered and milled to install easier and look better. We adhere to clearly defined standards that consistently meet or exceed manufacturers’ expectations of precision and performance. Project after project, our hardwood floor accessories are simply the best on the market.

COORDINATION - Color Blending and Special Finishes.
Just as an artist carefully selects the perfect color for a painting, we stain and finish all of our hardwood moldings, stair treads & risers and vents to exact standards to create the best possible complement with the hardwood floor you are installing. We visually inspect our moldings throughout the finishing process to assure they blend beautifully. With over 13,000 finishes to blend with all major manufacturer’s floors, we’re certain to have the accessories available to ensure they coordinate with your hardwood floor.