Coordinated Prefinished Hardwood Floor Accessories

The Artistic difference is in the range of products, profiles, finishes, species and colors offered in the Artistic Touch® product line. We are unique in that we design and engineer moldings, stair treads & risers, and vents which all come to you in the wood species, stain and special finishes to complement over 13,000 hardwood floors that we have in our database as a complementary set of products, designed to be installed together and coming with a lifetime warranty*.

We manufacture all of our products to order, maintaining an inventory of 50+ wood species. We also have over 250 formulas in our 'blend-to-match' recipes for almost any wood species which we can't get, or is harvested in a manner that is inconsistent with the Lacey Act.

Ultraviolet Finish CuringCoordinated Moldings and Transitions

In addition to stain and natural finishes, we also offer a variety of unique special finishes ranging from distressed and hand scraped, to a complete line of designer finishes that blend with almost any tile, slate, stone, vinyl, distressed, hand scraped or laminate floor on the market.

Our molding and stair products all include our industry-leading ultraviolet-cured aluminum oxide top coat. Compared to conventional sealers and top coatings, our processes increase the surface hardness by 350 percent. You can't get a better more durable finish.

Finish clarity, color, profile engineering and durability combined to create our premium Artistic Touch® product line.

Stair Treads and RisersCoordinated Stair Treads and Risers

Our Artistic Touch® prefinished stair treads and risers add a distinctly elegant finish to your staircase. Coupling the beauty of a coordinated prefinished product with your hardwood floor with the premium aluminum oxide and UV-cured finish we include on all of our moldings and stair products will give you a lifetime of beautiful and durable service.

The full Artistic Touch® product line comes with a lifetime warranty*, giving you the assurance that your new staircase will last as long as you own the property.

Our prefinished stair treads and risers are available with the moldings and vents you required in a coordinated set of products using the same wood species, special finishes and stains to complement over 13,000 hardwood floors in our inventory of floor recipes.